Sunday, April 21, 2013

What would it mean to transform education? What is one thing our community could do to begin that change?

In my opinion transforming education means to change it for the better. Currently our education system is failing. Every year educators face the task of improving their students test scores. This is due to the mandates from the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).  If a school doesn’t improve in their standardized tests the possibility of them losing funding. This is obviously something that no school wants. In some states this has become so important that teachers have altered the test scores of students. In Georgia a total of 178 Atlanta Public School educators and administrators have been accused of falsifying answers on students. All of this was done to ensure that the district would maintain funding and teachers would keep their own jobs.   There is no reason that teachers should fear losing their jobs because their students haven’t met the standards that the government has set forth. Our education system should aim at creating students that are able to think critically and address the issues that we are facing. Today, we aim at teaching students how to take a test which I don’t believe is the goal of education.  Transforming education would mean teaching students to be real world problem solvers. As of now we fail to address the issues that our nation is facing.  In most schools students learn about what has happened 200 years ago and never even focus on what is going on currently. While history is important, current news is equally as important. By educating students on what’s going on today we can prepare them for tomorrow. Bringing real life conversations into the classroom students will allow students to understand the way our world is and possibly better equip them to solve the problems we’re facing.  Personally, I believe that our community can help by forming a substantial partnership with the schools that surround us.   

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