Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Goal Accomplished !

My goal for this course was to develop my own awareness of our education system as well as too encourage student engagement through group discussions relating to issues in the education system such as inequality, discrimination and prejudice.

Choosing a favorite class is never a difficult task for a student. One course always sticks out compared to another. However, wishing that your class time was longer is not often the case. I believe that the Transforming Education course was a rare experience where I did not want to leave that room. My goal for scraping the surface of the education system was accomplished. But more importantly the engagement that some students brought with them to class was what I feel in love with in that room. Each time the clock rolled around to 1:20 I felt like it came far too soon. For in this class we each brought a special perspective to the table from our various backgrounds and beliefs, and while not everyone agreed there was an energy in the room that I wish existed in every course. This energy existed in that each student wanted to understand and learn.

My goals for this course were exceedingly accomplished in this room. My personal goal is that I continue to use discussion to facilitate understanding, and hopefully those discussions will not be hindered by my comfort level but instead is facilitated and encouraged the passion to create or at least understand.

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