Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Change Starts Before the First and After the Last Bell

       I would like to reflect on the question What would it mean to transform education? and What is one thing our community could do to begin that change?. Obviously education reform is something that is cleary necessary in our schools today but I feel like these questions have to be looked at differently. Too many times I believe people think that transforming education only exists within the four walls of school our within congress with legislation. Although extremely necessary, through our discussions and readings in class, I do not think we are entirely at that point yet. I am a complete believer in the fact that kids from underserved communities and schools still have all the potential to succeed as much as kids from privileged ones, and I believe that transforming education truly means to instill a burning desire and passion for students not to love school but to love and urn for success. I dont think that changing a school, making it beautiful, and getting the worlds best teachers are automatically going to make a bad student change. In order to see that happen we need to work hard before and after our kids leave school.
     One thing our community could do to start this change is to stop making excuses. The more we complain about how bad the education system is and how we have given up on it, the more our young students develope a distate for school. If our community developed a sense of accountabilty and made sure our kids were studying, doing their hw, and going to school the need for serious education reform would be more obvious. It is hard for people like me previously and policy makers to think that reform is necessary when kids in these terrible schools can give to craps about whether or not they pass their next test. If we however get all our kids to try their best and bust their behinds the needs would be more obvious since we can compare the privileged to the non-privileged and say hey they both are trying as hard as they can so why are they not performing the same. This is discussed in the article education reform now and how it starts with parents disciplining their child and making sure they do their besthttp://www.educationreformnow.com/our-eye-opening-book/chapter-6-parents-and-children/ My question is do you agree with me? Do you believe outside the school is the real problem our is it just a vicious cycle of a poor education system churning out poor undedicated students?

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