Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shaping Futures

In Mr. Bill Strickland's book Make the Impossible Possible, it is clearly seen how important helping people of all kind achieve success is to him. Two important things to consider are how you can help someone achieve success, and what "measures" success.

Strickland found that the use of art can help many achieve success. Manchester Bidwell–what originally started as a small arts center–grew into what it is today, a large arts program serving nearly 1200 students a year, due to Strickland's determination. Through the use of different art programs, Manchester Bidwell has changed the lives of many underprivileged children and adults. The children have programs such as pottery and photography. These programs allow the children to experience success, something that often seems unrealistic to them, or like a dream. The adults are put through job training programs that result in sustainable jobs and careers. Through these ways, Strickland helped and continues to help many people, by literally saving their lives.

A big issue with achieving success is that people base success off other people. They see what society projects success to be, which often seems intangible to them. What Strickland emphasizes is that success comes when you stop believing you aren't smart enough or don't have the talent to do something. You need to set your own standards of success, so you stop believing the nonsense that society portrays. Success can be something as simple as someone on welfare finding a good paying job, or a student inches from dropping out of high school, turn their life around and go to college. Set your own standards of success and go from there.

I think what is important to consider is that everyone is capable of being successful. When people like Strickland truly believe that, they begin to implement things to make it possible. They find ways to motivate people, and get them on a track to success–something they never believed possible. While on this track, those people will be able to identify for themselves when they achieved success. At the very least, the desire that people such as Strickland show to help people serves as motivation, and lets people know that there are people who care. So I ask,

"How can you help shape people's futures?"

- A quick video about Bill Strickland's Mission.

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