Monday, December 10, 2012

First Semester

Even though I have only been a part of this for one semester, this class has taught me a lot about education. I have learned about the inequalities in education in America. When Jonathan Kozol came to speak on campus, he spoke about the differences in inner city education compared to the education that wealthy children receive. Even though this was a while ago, there are a few things that were implanted in my head when he spoke about these inequalities. First, Kozol talked about the environment that some students have to learn in. The schools that these young children use are run down and hard to learn in due to the unequal funding by the state. Kozol also talked about how the teachers are forced to treat their students like they are in boot camp. The students are not allowed to speak freely in class often, which makes it a stressful, run down environment to learn in. Kozol also talked about how the government bases it's funding off of the students test scores, so the schools that are run down and have hard learning environments do not have the chance to get new supplies or fix up the buildings to help the children learn. Basically the schools that are struggling will continue to struggle unless there is a dramatic change in the system. With such inequalities in the system there are young people with the potential to become the world's best surgeons, scientists, politicians,etc that we as a country are over-looking.

Even though my eyes were opened to some of the glitches in the education system, I have also learned about how fortunate I am to be receiving higher education. Through this class, and my all out experience at Allegheny this semester, I have learned the benefits of higher education. Receiving a college degree not only puts me in a better position to earn money in an occupation, it gives me the confidence as a young man to continue to learn, and never let anything stop me from being what I aspire to be.

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