Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Final Blog: Transform Education? Yes, We Must!

Throughout the course there are a few questions that have been instilled in my mind. These questions include-- how do we transform education? What would be the best way to create greater access to quality education for all? And what is the purpose of education and why we should be concern with the future regarding it? This blog seek to explore the different possible solution to transforming public education, in ways that tie these topics of concerns all together.

Our public schools help create the people of the future. The people of the future create the world. For have to be social and economic justice in our world, our good must be to prepare all children for that conversation that create the future. We can transform education and we can close the educational achievement gap only if we are willing to address the real success of this gap and only if we are prepared to stand up for free, high-quality education for all children as their civil right and not see education as a privilege. Our community can began this transformation by changing that conventional wisdom.

The current education system does not provide greater access to quality education. Public education should provide a level playing field for all children. Nearly half of the funding for public schools in the United States, however, is provided through local taxes, generating large differences in funding between wealthy and impoverished communities. Efforts to reduce these disparities have provoked controversy.

Resistance to fair funding for schools has also been supported by the belief system about the causes of poverty. This is the ideology of ‘individualism’, which holds that success and failure result mainly from individual effort rather than social circumstance. For as long as our citizen and government hold this conventional wisdom, the future of public education will remind in jeopardy. Furthermore, holding this ideology blinds us from the true nature of the issue. Our social structure is based on the idea of individualism and less about the ideas of collective actions, simply because most people think such thing is so called ‘ un-American’. Fixing the current failing system requires us to work together with our government to provide equal and quality education to all children. There is no reason that children should be denied equal and quality education because they come from poor communities, this is not right. There is no reason that children be denied education simply of their race, this is not right. There is no reason that children be denied quality education because he or she is not gifted, this is not right.

My passion for education is clear. The path that we as a nation are headed worries me. There doesn't seem like there is an agreement on how we should fix the current system or even if it needs fixing. The clock is ticking and every year our international ranking gets worse and worse, our drop-out rates are getting even worse/higher, the achievement gap is widening among our children, and more and more children are left behind in classrooms. You get the picture here, what is the purpose of school? If the purpose of education is to create future leaders of tomorrow, what are we doing? Why are we face with these problems, do we not believe in equality for all?

This isn't the path to take for building our future doctors of tomorrow, our future lawyers of tomorrow, our future teachers of tomorrow. The future starts today and in our first grade classrooms. There should be a need to get our government and citizen more concern about the future of our children. We should strive for more collective action and less individual perspective on education. If I am ‘un-American’ for caring for equal funding for public schools then I’ll accept that.

“A dream does not die on its own. A dream is vanquished by the choices ordinary people make about real things in their own lives...”
― Jonathan Kozol, Amazing Grace: The Lives of Children and the Conscience of a Nation

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