Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Leaders in Education

Refreshing.  This word describes the Andre Perry talk for me.  It was great to listen to a man who wholeheartedly enjoyed and was passionate about what he did.  His enthusiasm pulled me in and made me listen to every word he said.  But at the same time, this refreshing speech brought up several problems with education.  It showed me that the educational system is lacking Andre Perrys.  He made a point in his speech about how he believed those who make educational policy should teach first and have a passion for education.  I don't believe this is the answer, but I do believe it is a foundation.  One thing that I have always been taught is that if you don't love and enjoy it you will have a hard time excelling in it. This goes for education. If the policies that shape our educational system are produced by bureaucrats, who have no real connection to public education, then this lack of passion will be reflected in the policies themselves. I understand that it is a little ambitious to hope for all those creating educational policy to have a passion like Andre Perry, but I believe that if we begin to hope for such a thing then we will eventually see change. We might look deeper into a candidates educational policies before voting or encourage passionate teachers to head to Washington.  The bottomline is that a change in policy starts with a change in those who create them, and Andre Perry is a prime example of someone who we should have in Washington fighting for better education policy.

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